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Paulina Turska

Personal coach, dancer, 2nd World Salsa Champion in Salsa Solo, participant 2 TV shows (Got To Dance /You Can Dance). Paulina comes highly recommended within the entertainment industry and has worked for Tiffany&Co, the designer of Louis Vuitton, and Hollywood entertainment executives on the east and west costs. She is an established personal coach currently based in NYC and international dance instructor that has performed and taught in Dubai, Paris, Los Angeles, Turkey, Germany, Miami, Poland, London, Lithuania and many more.

Paulina is one of the nicest trainers and as a true professional, is able to cater to both experienced athletes and those just beginning. Her main talent is making you feel comfortable and inspired. Her clients value her energy, reliability and sound fitness advice. Most of all, Paulina puts her client's goals above all else.


Paulina loves teaching in a Melting Pot environment, being of the mindset that the more frequently you meet with different clients, the more of a strong partnership can be built on mutual trust and patience.

Choreography credits

Choreography and dance for "Kobiety Mafii" (a polish production), and

1st place at World Fitness Dance.



Lee Strasberg Institute, Acting Connection, Broadway Dance Centre, Alvin Ailey, Franklin Diaz, Dorite Koppel, Dariusz Hochman, Franklin Diaz, Joanna Leunis.

Bachelor Degree from Academy of Physical Education & Sports in Poland.

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