Turska Mambo Project

Im happy to make your dreams come true. I know there is something inside of you compels you to feel the music, to express yourself in your movement—to dance and make it happen. The goal of the project is final performance. You can do it. Your passion is the reason you embarked on your technical, artistic, and creative journey.


Learn simple and practical techniques that you can use easily to raise your dance to a new level.

Perform your best when it really counts.

Building a Foundation. Explores the attitudes and beliefs.

Concerns, joy and fulfillment

Understand clear and understandable information about the mental aspects of dance.

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You don't learn in an online class (FALSE)

You can learn five times more material in online learning courses than in traditional face to face courses. Because online courses give students full control over their own learning. You are able to work at your own speed. Try it and you will understand why online is just for you ! Most of the students are beginners and they love that the lessons are recorded: because can practice later the exercises they felt more difficult! 

I never learned to dance. I won't be able to follow the teacher! (FALSE)

It is possible. I can teach you and you will see the results in You. If you are willing to learn then there is a way to give my best to you. You can message me anytime and i will give you details and some suggestions what can help you to improve. Most of classmates are beginners. Classes are made for you to learn fundamentals and nice and easy steps. Exercises they felt more difficult, they can practice later. People don't become dancers overnight, people don’t move well overnight. Professionals practice a lot, not only in the face to face class, but later reviewing the class. Patience is evolving. 

Take your dance to the next level and join my online academy. 

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  • It can fuel passion, bolster confidence, engender positive emotions and encourage a life full of engagement, drive, and focus.

  •  If you love to dance, learning from home might make you well. Why don’t you start dancing now? 

  • Dance can be a wonderful, life-enriching experience that provides you with meaning, satisfaction, and joy in an art form that promotes health, cultivates relationships, and extends your physical, psychological, and emotional horizons

  • I'll try to push the best out of you each class. I'll be the most happy person in the world If you progress!

  • Classes are design with care and love. All of team members are respectful and mindful. I'm very carefull for a healthy relationship.

  • Believe you can and I'll help you to achieve the goals.

  • Rehearsals are design for you to dance your best. You can ask questions and send videos to get feedback. 

  • Are you willing to set a time 2 times a week and make your dreams? I promise I'll give you a great love and care. I would like you to start now.



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Upgrade your style with member t-shirt.

Phone Screen

You’ll get an acces to our  what's up group and you’ll built a close relationship with me, ask questions and share progress after each class, so I can monitor and help with your progress. You will be able to ask  questions directly to me.

Website on Laptop


Sunday 12-1:30 pm NY time

Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm NY time

Zoom an in person

You will get 3 days access.


Outfit is designed for all age members.

Coast 270 $ with fabrics without stoning.

CD Drive

"Pataquibiriquambambaram" by Joe Cuba Sextet

Make up and hair style will be send on private  group chat.

Make Up


Repetition is a key learning aid because it helps transition a skill from the conscious to the subconscious. Those who work hard will succeed.

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