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CONNECT TO YOUR BODY was created for anyone who wants to study Latin dance body movement in detail from the ground up in order to unlock their full potential and expression in dance.

When you watch experienced Latin dancers you may wonder how they look so fluid, free and natural even when performing complicated footwork and spins. The truth is that these dancers have trained very hard to achieve this, and there are exercises and techniques that can help you improve, too!

In this program, we will start with the fundamentals and move through each part of the body to learn how to dance with expression and femininity.

Train with me to discover your full range of body movement by learning and perfecting the fundamentals. Improve your latin technique like never before.

Each video is focused on just one part of your body and includes detailed explanations and drills to help you practice on your own and continuously improve your technique.

Course content:

6 sections

67 minutes

Full time access

19.99$ per subscriber

Open level. All dancers from beginner to pro can benefit!

This course is for:

Beginners who are just starting their journey with Latin dance

Experienced dancers and professionals who want to find a connection to their body.

What You Will Learn in This Course:

✔️Proper Basic Latin Body Movement Fundamentals

✔️Hip, shoulder and chest and rib cage isolations in multiple ways with timing and directions

✔️Joining chest/ribcage & relation with shoulders and hips in Basic Latin Body Movement Fundamentals

✔️Counts & relationship with body movement. Various body shifting and motion each count specifically on 4 and 8 in salsa.


You don’t have to know Basic Steps.

Course 2 includes connecting fundamentals of Latin body movement with basic steps and getting the most out of the Course 1.

Subscribe and get your full bodymovement workout!

CONNECT TO YOUR BODY: Learning the Fundamentals of Body Movement in Latin Dance

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