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Bodymovement class

This program introduces an innovative and fun approach to building awareness through body movement. Time and time again, participants are ecstatic that such small movements make such big changes. 


We give each part of your body the attention it deserves. Working on your own weight, isolating and changing amplitudes in each joint, we will work to extend your muscles to enhance flexibility. You’ll have ease and fluidity in your movements. You’ll feel free and natural and get “unstuck”. Overall, we’re working to help you to find new possibilities in how you move which affects how you think, breath, and experience music. The exercises, while simple, are also working on your muscles and will help strengthen you to the core. 

Personal Training 1 Hour Sessions, 1 on 1


Salsa Ladies Styling Class. 60-120 min.

A 60 minute one-on-one class or a 120 minute group class designed to enhance your unique dance style with modern choreography, improvisational skill development, sexy body movements and stylizations. This class will make you a more confident dancer.
Class consists of a brief dancer's warm up with guided instruction followed by choreography, technique, practice and repetition to slow, medium and fast paced music. This class emphasizes that your own dance confidence and individuality will come from internal happiness and strength. Video recording is encouraged.

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Services: Services

Choreography Bootcamps & Workshops

I am available to teach dance choreography workshops and salsa bootcamps. I'm available for Ladies' Styling workshops, Body Movement classes, Salsa Performance Choreography as well as Commercial Film & Entertainment Choreography. Contact me for rates and travel terms. Available in NYC, domestic US & Canada and for International Salsa Congresses.

Services: Services
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