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Salsa Class

Classes are fun and a great way to socialize! Come and join me to learn salsa movement and dance technique. Master methods to control your body, improve your musicality, and performance techniques. Classes are offered live and virtually. They are for all ages and all levels! 

Live Classes 

Come and join our salsa family for 4 weeks courses in Manhattan on Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:00 pm at Pearls Studio or zoom. Each month new course.

Level: Basic 

Age: All

It’s fun and a great way to socialize, and you will enjoy learning the movement with Latin music. Feel and present yourself beautifully in front of everyone. You will find dance a fulfilling way to master your body, as well as a particular piece of choreography. Make your dream come true. In my class, you'll gain confidence so that you won't be afraid to grab a man or woman to invite to the dance floor. 

People start dancing at different ages, and there is no limit to when you may learn to dance. The truth is, there is no excuse worth keeping you from accomplishing your goals. Everything depends on you! Start learning now, because now is the perfect time to start.

Online Classes

You don't learn in an online class (FALSE)

If you don't like being in a group or being watched or can’t connect on time, if some steps or moves are difficult for you, because you think you are not gifted or you have no distance to laugh at yourself, you can do it yourself with the recording you can rent on the website. Online courses give students full control over their own learning. You are able to work at your own speed. Try it and you will understand why online is just for you! Most of the students are beginners and they love that the lessons are recorded. 

I never learned to dance. I won't be able to follow the teacher! (FALSE)

It is possible. I can teach you and you will see your results. If you are willing to learn, then there is a way to give my best to you. You can message me anytime and I will give you details and some suggestions that can help you improve. Most of your classmates are beginners. Classes are made for you to learn fundamentals with nice and easy steps. Exercises they felt more difficult, they can practice later. People don't become dancers overnight, people don’t move well overnight. Professionals practice a lot, not only in the face-to-face class, but later reviewing the class. Learning to dance can sometimes demand patience, but staying with it shows results!

Feel welcome 

If you love to dance, learning from home or in person might fit you well. Why don’t you start dancing now?

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