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Paulina started her dance career in Poland, gaining valuable experience as she peaked in success. Looking to challenge herself more, Paulina traveled to New York City where she progressed and developed her skills further. Developing as an artist would be her priority as she flew here in 2014. 


With just pennies in her pocket, she realized she would now call New York home, as the inspiration of the Big Apple captivated her. Leaving her family, friends and Polish success behind, she decided to begin her journey at Franklin Diaz Company. 


Paulina worked hard to survive in the big city, practicing different trades such as bartending, barista and teaching mathematics. Believing in herself and God kept her going, salvaging the moment when one of the executive producers found her talent and hired her as an interior trainer, preparing her for the Oscars winning night in Los Angeles. 


This was a huge turned-out. Designers, actors and executive producers were blown away by Paulina’s talent. She was gifted a green card as they were confident that she would continue to excel in her career alongside her mentor, Franklin Diaz, who she admires.


Today Paulina continues to pursue her dreams, work hard and achieve greatness in everything that she does.

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