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“Paulina is an extremely well rounded dancer. She can slow down her body to near impossible speeds and quickly transition into fast paced explosive hip hop combos. She has an adept eye for control and textures in dance which is key to make any dance stand out. She is super friendly and intuitive to quickly assess your needs and problems. Although she is an advanced dancer, she still has a perfect sense of fundamentals which is ideal for a dancer who didn't properly learn their rudiments. Her personal training background allows her to not only to teach dance appropriately, but also helps in letting you know what muscle groups are needed for certain dances. All in all I would recommend Paulina to ANYONE ranging from a beginner to an expert to just someone who wants to learn a certain dance. I've learned more from her in one class than I've learned in a whole week of group dance classes. If you want to start or further your dance skills, Paulina is the one for you!”

Sean L.

"Paulina was amazing, Had my first private lesson today, I have never been a dancer, or tried partner dance or couples dance in my life. She was a wonderful and encouraging dance teacher and made it easy to learn. She makes you feel so comfortable, which is so important when you are starting to learn to dance. she makes it a painless and enjoyable process. you feel like a monarch. Oh, and her laugh is infectious. I guarantee that you will look forward to class every Day and want to hit the floor...."

Teneshq D.

"Paulina has a passion for dance like no other person I know. Dance is her life. She is one with the beat. Her timing and choreography is impeccable. She moves with grace, as if one with the music. Be ready to be mesmerized as I was. Go hire Paulina for an experience like no other. Thank you Paulina for showing me what dance is."

Maximo P.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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