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Paulina Turska


Nice to meet you! I am a personal coach, dancer, 2nd World Salsa Champion, participant 2 TV shows (Got To Dance /You Can Dance). I know your wishes and dreams and I'm so excited to make it comes true. You put it in my hands, and I'm so happy you trusted me by taking classes, and put me in a role of a coach and I want to share my experience and take the best out of you. It's time to challenge yourself.

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My Story

Dancing just makes me feel alive, I love dancing! 


Poland is where my journey started. Years of experience, tons of stage and TV shows, several championships and success. I believe my dance evolved through time in parallel to my personality, every person I met every culture I saw shaped the way I dance today. I believe there is not a time one can say “everything achieved”, there is always a “next step”. 5 years before, New York was my next step in my journey. New York City... the Big Apple just inspires me! I feel so lucky to call here home and being part of modeling agency "Bicoastal Mgmt". If I asked you, the milestone, the moment that changed everything in your life, what would you say? For me, it was meeting the executive producer who hired me as an interior trainer, preparing her for the Oscars winning night in Los Angeles. 

In the past 8 years, I have lived in the United States learning, training, and performing with the best Mambo, New York style salsa, teachers the world has ever seen. I trained under Franklin Diaz for 6 years mastering and embodying the muscality, soul, and grace of Mambo while incorporating my own unique style of body movement from ballet. Today, I am the artistic director of my own Mambo Team bringing dancers from across the world including China, Canada, Japan, Poland, Mexico, and the United States. This past year, the team team, training mostly online, has achieved podium places at the Summit Championships, the most prestigious Latin dance competition in the world. Now, I am ready to show my dream, my passion, and my Mambo. Salsa Congress is the perfect event to share with my my passion and to show the evolution of Mambo. I want to also inspire other dancers and to share with them my experiences, my learnings, my community, and my dance. Nothing is impossible in this world, and time is limited. With the changing times, we all have to grasp every opportunity we can. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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