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Get in touch wth Paulina and Ricardo

Hi! We’re Paulina Turska and Ricardo Ramos, two champion dancers living in New York City. Paulina is a personal coach dancer who recently earned second place in the World Salsa Summit, as well as many other championships in the past. She has been on two TV shows (Got To Dance/You Can Dance), and was trained by Franklin Diaz. 


Ricardo Ramos of Mexico, is a World Bachata and Salsa Champion. He owns Palladium Academy in Mexico and has trained in Afro-Cuban rhythms in Cuba. 


Together this powerful couple creates and executes innovative champion choreography. They are currently working on their touring schedule and enjoy teaching and performing at Congresses around the world. 


In addition, in November they will be available as a solo instructor and performer in Europe for New York style Ladies Styling, Salsa, Bachata and Body Movement.


Contact Paulina for more information on booking her as a solo performer/instructor, or booking she and Ricardo as a couple. 

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