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Turska Mambo Project

I'll try to push the best out of you in each class. I'll be the happiest person in the world if you progress! 

Believe that you can, and I'll help you to achieve your goals!

Team Benefits

Dance can be a wonderful, life-enriching experience that provides you with meaning, satisfaction, and joy in an art form that promotes health, cultivates relationships, and extends your physical, psychological, and emotional horizons. Dancing is energy.

You feel like you have dance inside of you, but you haven't found the place to work on your skills? I can work with you to find that place! I will be happy to help you make your dreams come true. 

You will be a team member. You will not be alone. Classes are designed with care and love. All of our team members are respectful and mindful. Friendship is part of the dancing journey. Teamwork is fun, but when it comes to work everyone is disciplined. You will have the benefit of a private WhatsApp group.

If you love to dance, learning from home can be a great way to start - and then to keep going! Why not start now? ​Classes are designed for you to dance your best. You can ask questions and I will answer. 


In this piece, the performers have recorded their dancing outdoors to showcase their identity and culture as well as the country where they live.

This project is created from the heart for my students who love to dance during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are finally going to be able to meet together on the stage soon! We are still collaborating and sharing that which we love to do as a team from around the world: Japan, Mexico, Canada, Poland, Dominica, Israel, USA, China, Poland, and Germany. 

Hope you enjoy our art.

When do we rehearse?

Sunday 12-1:30 NY time and we hold an extra 2 rehearsals during the week at 4:30 pm (Eastern) on Zoom.

Participants must take Monday classes at 7-8 pm either in person or on Zoom in order to perform. The classes are in order to study fundamentals.


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