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Paulina Turska

"Her enthusiasm is infectious..."

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"Paulina Turska was highly recommended to me over a year ago and has been my dance teacher ever since. She’s amazing. Not only does she deliver a fantastic and challenging body movement workout, but her positive and warm personality is super motivating. It’s clear that Paulina loves what she does. Her enthusiasm is as infectious as her sessions are effective."

American television producer

Desiree Gruber

Paulina Turska
Paulina Turska
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Dancing just makes me feel alive, I love dancing! 


Poland is where my journey started. Years of experience, tons of stage and TV shows, several championships and successes. I believe my dance evolved through time in parallel to my personality, every person I met, every culture I saw, shaped the way I dance today. 

I believe there is not a time one can say “everything achieved,” there is always a “next step.” Five years ago, New York was my next step in my journey. New York City... the Big Apple just inspires me! I feel so lucky to call New York home and being a part of the Franklin Diaz Company. 

If I asked you, the milestone, the moment that changed everything in your life, what would you say? For me, it was meeting the executive producer who hired me as a private trainer, preparing her for the Oscars winning night in Los Angeles. 

This was a huge turn-out in this country of opportunities. I met designers, actors, executive producers, mentors, and learned and progressed every day. 

My journey still goes on, challenge motivates me!

Choreography credits

Choreography and dance for "Kobiety Mafii" (a Polish production), and

1st place at World Fitness Dance.



Lee Strasberg Institute, Acting Connection, Broadway Dance Centre, Alvin Ailey, Franklin Diaz, Dorite Koppel, Dariusz Hochman, Joanna Leunis.

Bachelor Degree from Academy of Physical Education & Sports in Poland.

Agency: Bicoastal Mgmt

Client Names:

Francesca Amfitheatrof

Desiree Gruber

Violaine Etienne

Tiffany & Co

Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

Rafael Feldman

Piotr Stromowski

Coco Knudson