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The Paulina Turska Method will enhance your dance, strength, and balance and make you a better dancer and artist no matter what level you start from.
Choreographer. Coach. Dancer.

Paulina Turska is a coach, businesswoman, and professional dancer best known for her thorough dance training programs. She is a performer, creator of the Paulina Turska method, and developer of a unique dance-centered coaching program. Her list of clientele past and present is extensive. The statuesque Turska is a sought-after coach for Hollywood producers, designers, photographers, and multiple artists based in New York City. 

She works with both professional and amateur dancers, helping them to achieve perfect dance technique, and develop a red carpet presence. 

She’s currently coaching her first international dance team, made up of diverse talent--from those just beginning to dance, to those who are looking to become competition-ready. She works with actors, preparing them to dance in movie scenes, a skill with which she has personal experience. Her long-term relationship with students is a game changer. Inside the practice room, private home space, or gym, they use her effective exercise programs to develop a strong core and presence.


Client Names:

Francesca Amfitheatrof

Desiree Gruber

Violaine Etienne

Tiffany & Co

Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin

Rafael Feldman

Piotr Stromowski

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The Evolution of Paulina


Paulina as a Leader

Hired by:


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