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Turska Mambo Project

I'll try to push the best out of you each class. I'll be the most happy person in the world If you progress! 

Believe that you can and I'll help you to achieve the goals.

Why do I invite you ?

Dance can be a wonderful, life-enriching experience that provides you with meaning, satisfaction, and joy in an art form that promotes health, cultivates relationships, and extends your physical, psychological, and emotional horizons. Dancing is energy.

You feel like you have dance inside of you, but you didn't find your place to work on your skills? I know you have it inside of you. I will be happy to help you make your dreams come true. 

You will be a team member. You will not be alone. Classes are design with care and love. All of team members are respectful and mindful. Friendship is part of dancing journey. Team work is fun, but when It comes to work everyone are disciplined.

If you love to dance, learning from home might make you well. Why don’t you start dancing now? ​Class are design for you to dance your best. You can ask questions and I am willing to answer. You will get access to private Whats up group.


Let’s Work Together

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